Sharing the “TSP Experience”

You’ll probably notice in the February issue of Neapolitan Family, the preschools and private schools 2014-15 directory.  It’s a comprehensive list of preschools and private schools in the Naples area.

As you read through each mission statement, you can’t help to think how so many schools sound just alike.  Whether it’s a colorful advertisement, pictures of happy children, or a write up about their superb Pre-K program, all schools can appear to be quite similar.

As a mother of 2-year old twin boys, I struggled with knowing how to select the best preschool.  Fortunately, I learned about Temple Shalom Preschool (TSP) from another TSP mother.  I was lucky!  Our boys started as Lil’ Cubs, and will be attending next year, their fourth and final year, in Pre-K.  Now, I feel compelled to “Pay It Forward” and help other families find TSP.

So, what makes TSP stand on top?  Experience!  But, not just the experience this preschool has in years operating (over 24 years), and not just in their talented, qualified, and experienced staff of teachers, but in the “TSP Experience” your child will have each day…each year.

When a child starts at TSP, all the teachers are involved in their journey! You can see exactly what I’m talking about when you walk down the hallway and by each classroom in the morning.  Teachers from other rooms know your child’s name, and your child knows that is one of their other teachers…and yells out, “That’s Miss Jane…she teaches music,” and “That’s our art teacher, Miss Linda,“ and “There’s the classroom where we can do fun experiments, our ‘Science Lab’, and “Here’s where we learn Apps on ‘Nabi’s’, our Tech Lab, and “At the end of the hall is our cafeteria…where we go at lunch time”.

You feel the energy of the entire school and program through your child’s eye, and you can hear it in their voice.  Your child is taking baby steps and leaps in their learning, transitioning from class to class and teacher to teacher.  

When they head off to Kindergarten, they will already know about enrichment programs and schedules.  They’ll be starting their official school days with the “TSP Experience” behind them, and that experience provides them with a different kind of confidence – the kind of that occurs when you can say, “Been there, done that!”

TSP has all the bells and whistles most preschools proclaim to have, but there’s this whole other thing that can’t be said in an ad or a picture.  It’s the “TSP Experience”, the stepping-stones of growth and preparedness, that creates strength, courage and, most importantly, confidence.  I’m so thankful that our boys will have received the “TSP Experience”, and I want other families to reap the same benefit. 

So, I ask you to “Pay It Forward” with me.  The best way for anyone to find the best preschool is from you!  When you are dining with friends, or at the gym, or online, spread the word! Share, forward, promote the “TSP Experience” with your network.  Word of mouth is the best way for people to really know about a great preschool.  Well, at least that’s been my experience. ☺


Gina Paddock, Proud TSP Mother

Temple Shalom Preschool is a phenomenal preschool.   I emphasize the word school because it is not anywhere close to being a day care center.   We have had two children graduate from TSP and will soon be enrolling our 2-year-old into the program.  TSP provides a safe, welcome, loving, caring and accepting environment – everything a child needs to thrive.  Arriving at TSP every morning feels like a celebration … and the celebration is learning!  TSP students excel because the school not only focuses on social skills but also academics.  Children graduating from the program enter Kindergarten at the head-of-their class.  In fact, three of the children in the advanced reading class in my son’s Kindergarten class were graduates of Temple Shalom Preschool.   I cannot emphasize enough the positive impact that Temple Shalom Preschool has had on our children’s and our lives.  We love Temple Shalom Preschool and truly feel that we couldn’t have provided a better educational foundation for our children.

Amanda & Paul Dorio

Temple Shalom Preschool was a great start to our children's education! I couldn't have asked for a better way to introduce them to school. The environment was caring and structured enough so the kids could learn and grow, yet they were allowed enough room to learn who they are and be creative. The teachers at elementary school are always excited to get children from Temple Shalom preschool in their classes. They know those kids are coming with a head start. All of the classmates from my son's preschool class that are at our elementary school are in the more advanced classes now. Temple Shalom Preschool had a lot to do with that!

Elisabeth Erhardt

If I could give it more stars I would!!! My 3 yr old has just entered his second Year at TSP and loves it! The teachers are warm and caring in this non daycare environment. The school enriches the children's minds and warms their hearts. Ms Seyla is the most loving, kind director I have ever met, my one regret is that my older son did not have a chance to attend. Come take a look around the school you will not be disappointed! Hands down best preschool in all of SWFL let alone Naples!

Elizabeth Kent

Walking in to Temple Shalom Preschool each morning is like walking into a big hug! Our children began attending the Mommy & Me program as babies and now, at 7 and 4, I can't say enough great things about Temple Shalom preschool. Everyone is greeted with a big smile at the door. If a child is having a rough morning (or like my daughter is apt to do, having a meltdown), the staff helps calm the situation down and ensures each child feels good about starting their school day.

My 7-year-old spent 3 years at Temple Shalom Preschool and is now doing great in first grade. He began reading independently and doing simple math at age 4. More importantly, Temple Shalom taught him how to be a good learner and how to behave in school -- how to take turns, be kind, settle disagreements with his classmates, share, etc... When he was in pre-K we looked at several different elementary schools and all were very impressed that our son attended Temple Shalom. They all said that the children from Temple Shalom arrived well-prepared for K.

My 4-year-old is in her third year at Temple Shalom Preschool -- she started at 18 mo as a Little Cub. She is always stimulated, always learning something new and excited about her days at school. Temple Shalom has been a great place for our family to learn, grow and have fun together!

Ellen Goldberg

We came to Temple Shalom Preschool in a moment of crisis, half way through the school year. Our 3 y/o daughter was eager to learn and needed a more structured yet friendly environment.  Since the first minute we came asking for help everybody made us feel at home. It was exactly what we needed.   We finally felt that our daughter was in the right place. 

She is learning not only her abc's but also good social skills. In only just 3 months our daughter has learned a lot, enjoyed every minute of it, and us with her. 

She surprises us every day with a new song, a new subject learned, a new story heard, a new art project, or the story of a fun moment with her friends and teachers. In fact every day has been an adventure where learning became fun.

We are really grateful our daughter is at temple shalom preschool and we are looking forward for the years to come.

Special thanks to Miss Iris and Miss Jeanette for welcoming our daughter in to your classroom with open arms.

Thank you Miss Seyla for listening the first day I came to your office without appointment and welcome our daughter the very next day. 

Paul and Carmen Prestopino

"My husband and I want to thank you for the years of love and dedication to our son and daughter. Safety and happiness were always the most important part in those preschool years and we never had to worry about that. Our children was always surrounded by dedicated and loving teachers. Not only that, they were also very well-prepared for kindergarten. We want to thank the Temple Shalom Preschool staff for all these wonderful years and we will miss you all! "

Clive and Carol Figuera

"Thank you for making my family a part of your family. We will miss you all so much as we try a new beginning. You all are truly beautiful people with special skills and talents that have touched our lives and many others. There will always be a special place in our hearts for every one of you. 

Bejay Rouse

"In the beginning of our family journey at Temple Shalom Preschool, I (as a first time mom) was apprehensive, nervous, scared and overly protective. As soon as I came into the school and spoke with Miss Seyla, I felt at ease, and instantly I knew we had found the right place! She loves the kids and goes the extra mile for them in ensuring their wellbeing and education. Our child has blossomed at Temple Shalom Preschool. I have never seen a more positive, clean and nurturing environment! I am so happy with what our child has received here and cannot begin to express the gratitude we have for the teachers! Temple Shalom Preschool is the greatest decision in a school that can ever be made for children of their age range! This is it! 

Amanda Thorne

"Our son is finishing up his 3rd year at TSP and we couldn't be happier. He is excited to learn loves to participate and is confident to enter the world. The school is large enough to attract great teachers and fund improvements to keep the facility clean and up to date yet small enough to consider individual needs and make your child feel special. The school holds several events throughout the year. They go the extra mile. We feel blessed that so many people referred this school to us. Our daughter started attending earlier this year and her vocabulary has increased 2000% in 6 months. She is also learning some Spanish to our surprise. She is socializing a lot more and loves to show us everything she’s learned when she comes home. It is truly a great school with a great director and many great teachers!"

Judi and John Williams